Fill the Void in Your Third Wave SKA Collection with This Essential Album

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Raj Setty

This is so fantastic

Oreo Schmidt-de Parisot

My favourite band ever

Joseph Adrian Angelakis

10 Years of Nor-Cal 3rd Wave SKA

Punch The Clown Is Caught Red Handed SKA Music

Is Caught Red Handed

The debut album that launched a SKA legend. Is Caught Red Handed features such hits as "Sweatty Betty," "C.I.A. Chick" and "Trousers Full of Lovin'" along with 14 two-tone inspried originals.

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Punch The Clown Each Sold Seperately  SKA Music

Each Sold Separately

Each Sold Separately evolves the bands unique 3rd-wave SKA sound with songs like "I Wanna Get With You," "Love, James," and "Trouble" and elevates the production delivering a truly original sound.

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Punch The Clown The Secret Life SKA Music

The Secret Life Of

The Secret Life Of takes you through a conversation between a boy and a girl and the dynamic generated through that exchange. Their SKA masterpiece features hits like "Anti-Love Song," "Leaving" and "Crackerjack."

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